About the sport of fencing

ausfrei.jpgFencing is a modern sport which is a mixture of physical and technical ability, mental adroitness and even downright craftiness. It is a lifelong sport, and you don't burn out or get too old to compete once you're in your twenties. Fencers can enjoy their sport from ages 8 to 80+ and as the physical and mental prowess begins to fail with advancing age, experience can compensate. Well that's the theory. However, when your mind says 'attack' and your body says 'what?' perhaps its time to become the coach!

Fencing keeps you fit. All that running up and down and getting chased by someone with a sword gets the legs and the heart going. You can lose pounds. Especially against a heavy handed sabreur!

Fencing fights stress. Fencing is a great stress reliever. The concentration required blocks out all other worries and there is tremendous satisfaction in chasing someone down the hall and scoring a hit on them. Yeeess! At the end of the evening you'll have won some and lost some and be thoroughly knackered, but it's a good feeling.

Fencing can be competitive or not depending on what you want. Not everyone has the burning ambition to become a champion fencer but the opportunity is there if you want it. If you just want to train, to learn a new skill and to fence socially in the Club then that is fine, and most people do.

Fencing is fun. It's stylish and it's different. You get to meet lots of interesting people and beat them up. Sorry I meant engage in a skilful dialogue with the blades! Bellahouston caters for all shapes and sizes of people, some who just want to have a laugh and others who want to train seriously to improve their skills.